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We’re excited to once again provide a great alternative to after school care for your child… After school care AND a tennis class! What could be better?


Need an extra day this term? Or just need to pick up a one off casual day? Get in touch as we have some spaces still available. (Bookings essential – Limited spaces available until booked out)


Don’t forget to claim your Active Kids voucher with us! Active Kids vouchers must be processed through our online payment system before payment is made.

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Red Stage Tennis 5-8 Years

Red Ball Stage

Children aged 5 to 8 years old enter the Red Stage, where they start to explore the world of tennis. In this stage, they use 75% compression red balls smaller racquets and play over mini nets. These modified equipment and court dimensions allow kids to improve quickly, develop their coordination and technique while enjoying the game. The weekly cost comes to $19.50 + $10 for care.

Total cost = $29.50 per child/per day

Orange Stage 8-10 Years Manly

Orange Ball Stage

As children progress to the Orange Stage, designed for ages 8 to 10, they continue their tennis journey with 50% compression orange balls. In this stage, they play over a regular net but with a 3/4-length baseline, further refining their skills in a supportive and engaging environment.

At this stage, players will have the opportunity to become part of a team, where they can put what they have learned into practice and compete in our internal competitions as well as the Tennis Northern Beaches competitions with modified scoring systems.

The weekly cost comes to $25.00 + $10 for care.

Total cost = $35.50 per child/per day

Green Stage Tennis 9+ Years

Green Ball Stage

The Green Stage is the final stage within the Hot Shots program, catering to children aged 9 to 11 years old. In this stage, they continue using low-compression green balls (25% compression compared to a standard yellow ball) and play on a full-sized court.

This allows them to fine-tune their skills in preparation for full court competitive tennis. Competition at this stage will see them playing full sets in both our internal competitions and the Tennis Northern Beaches competitions

The weekly cost comes to $25.00 + $10 for care.

Total cost = $35.50 per child/per day

Yellow Ball Tennis Open Age Manly

Yellow Ball Stage

Yellow Ball Tennis Classes are designed for young players who have completed the Tennis Australia Hot Shots program or have developed the necessary skills and confidence to play with a standard yellow tennis ball on a full-sized court.

Players at this level will continue to have plenty of opportunities to compete,  through our internal competitions or participation in the Tennis Northern Beaches local competitions. There will also be opportunities to be selected for District and Inter-District representative teams for those players that reach a high level for their age groups.

The weekly cost comes to $25.00 + $10 for care.

Total cost = $35.50 per child/per day

Further Information


We have 2 payment options

OPTION 1 – Full term upfront payment. The costs for this option will be as shown above according to your selected class and multiplied by the number of weeks in the term. For example a 10 week term for a Red Ball class comes to $295 ($29.50 X 10 Weeks = $295).

OPTION 2 – Weekly by direct debit. There are added administration and transaction costs for this option so the costs will be as shown above according to your selected sports class (and multiplied by the number of weeks in the term) plus $1.50 per child/per day.


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